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Carlos • Paula

We arrived in Ottawa the day before Carlos and Paula’s big day… so we joined them at their rehearsal to get to know the couple and their wedding party a little better… So what could be better than an interview to put each and everyone one of them on the spot!!! 🙂 Lucky enough, everyone […]

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John H - October 20, 2009

WOW! this was their rehearsal? That was awesome. I really like the voice overs! Looks like you guys are really having fun doing what you do. Keep up the good work

Anthony - October 2, 2009

You made grown men cry… just beautiful.

Heather • Dash [Same Day Edit]

With every composition that we present, our goal is to capture the raw personality, emotion and character that one exudes on their wedding day. We believe that it’s these particulars that allow our edits to tell a story. Creating a true reminiscence of what sensations were really experienced – at one of the most memorable […]

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Heather and Dash - October 5, 2009

No matter how many times we watch this video it never gets old. We absolutely loved the whole day and to have it captured for us in the same day with such perfection really shows how good you guys are. We have been able to show it to all of our family and friends and everyone says the same thing, that all they want to do is get married and have you as their photo and video team!!

Marion richardson - September 25, 2009

Thanks for such an authentic recording of so many significant moments. HeeHee and Dash look so happy and beautiful (handsome)- just the way they were on the day! Having this video to keep looking at has made our return to Australia a bit easier! Can’t wait to see the compete video and the stills. You’ve done an amazing job (without making it seem like work.

Mike - September 23, 2009

Thank you to everyone for such kind remarks. We had an amazing time putting this together (and I want to send my appreciation to everyone that make it possible!) Michael, our hearts are truelly in every piece that we compose, and my gratitude goes to you for noticing!

Michael Stone - September 23, 2009

Wonderful display of taking your jobs seriously; showing a passion for what you do. This must be one of the best wedding videos I have ever seen! You guys have really stepped up the game and make it evident that your heart and souls are in this piece.
Just beautiful.

Julie P - September 23, 2009

Absolutely amazing! I`ve never seen anything like this….gave me goosebumps and tears…..

Holly Q - September 23, 2009

WOW!!!! this is amazing! I officially stopped watching my wedding video because of you guys. This makes mine look like it was done 20 years ago and it was last year!

Samantha - September 22, 2009

This is amazing… I really like the shots! This is not what I expected when you said you did wedding videos!! These really look like commercials/trailers for a full feature film! Really amazing work!

Najima - September 21, 2009

Amazing Shots, Great Song (love the fray), and wow – what a church! I absolutlely love your work!!!
Your post nails it Mike – you guys really captured the couple’s emotions – their faces really show what they were feeling. I’m sure they were very pleased!

Simone • Daniel [A New Brunswick BBQ!]

I recently had the pleasure to fly out to New Brunswick for love story shoot of Simone and Daniel – Which I was commissioned out by PhotoTerra Studios to shoot. As I was invited to the couples Pre-Wedding BBQ at their Ocean Front Cottage, I just couldn’t help but bring the camera and join in […]

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Simone - October 1, 2009

Mike, you blew us away with this video! I’m so excited that you shot our BBQ and wedding and can’t say enough about your amazing work! Dan and I were thrilled to have you caption our wedding events and can’t wait to see the rest! Your very talented!

Samantha - September 23, 2009

My husband says this looks like a professional commercial – you should sell this to the catering company? Really nice job! And if the bride is reading this: Love the yellow dress! You are so beautiful.

Mike - September 21, 2009

Oh, and yes – we shoot in Full 1080p, High Def! (Online its compressed to 720p – which is still pretty amazing for Streamed Video); but we do provide a full 1080p Blue Ray Option to our couples!

Mike - September 21, 2009

Hey Mark, thanks for the comments. Simone and Daniel live/work in Toronto but also frequent New Brunswick where they chose to tie the knot. I was commissioned by PhotoTerra as a freelancer to cover their wedding. I’m sure there are event coverage companies in New Brunswick, but I feel honoured that they chose to fly me out based on my style and previous work. I must admit – this experience has really spoiled me and I can’t wait for my next destination event!

Mark - September 21, 2009

New Brunswick? Do they not have video companies in New Brunswick? lol… either you are getting to be really good, or I need to get in the business! WICKED work. Keep shocking me… cause these look like little films! Is it High Def?

Chris • Evangeline

When putting a full feature together, it takes a couple of edits before we’re happy with the end product… with this video, I’m struggling with choosing clips from the large amount of amazing shots we took covering the preparations of Chris and Evangeline. There was so much emotion, so many wonderful stories and an overwhelming […]

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Samantha - September 24, 2009

this couple is sooo cute!

Najima - September 9, 2009


Carlos - September 8, 2009

This is take 1!!! You make my wedding video look worse and worse each time I see your work. You guys are capturing all the happenings throughout the day, and make it look like a MOVIE. Wicked work Mike!

Carmela • Mike

We had a great time capturing this ‘chemistry filled’ couple that truly shined through our lenses. We walked around Humber Bay park – which is now a local spot to our new studio space – not only getting to know Mike and Carmela a little better, but the shoot exposed us to our new neighbourhood […]

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Nino - August 7, 2009

This is absolutely stunning. I could see why the fire truck made an appearance. This video is on fire!!!!!

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